Mezzaluna Berry

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The Mezzaluna Clutch is all about good old fashioned exoticism; the half-moon shape, the electric shagreen, the brass and wood details all say something about adventure and far-flung locales, gliding through the bay under the stars, slipping in and out of cocktail parties, hopping on and off chartered planes. It’s fan shape and textured body recall strange places, smoky dens, gleaming dancefloors, velvet chairs. Its all about luxury, exotic escapades, functional pieces without the heft of practicality, the kind of piece that makes her get up and go.


Material: Berry colored Shagreen with Brass and Mahogany Accents; Inside lined with soft Microfiber.

Size: 10.25"w x 5.25"h x 2.25"d

Made For You In: Philippines

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Shagreen; First known use in 1677. It has been a luxurious, decorative material for many centuries. It is sometimes associated with the Art Deco era signifying luxury and exoticism.   


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