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Leyla's accessories are inspired by the history and technique of Passementerie with a modern and fresh bohemian twist a touch of femininity and a pinch of edge.

A dreamer, born in South America, she spent her teenage years in South Florida, graduated with a degree in photography.  While living in Miami, she fell in love with the arts, cultures and languages that of which shaped her instinctive aesthetic that is deeply rooted in cultural and experiential study.

In 2003 Leyla and her husband founded Classical Elements, a private label trimming company.  Working behind the scenes as the Creative Director, Leyla's distinctive designs catapulted the company to the leading purveyor of fashion-forward passementerie.   More recently, Leyla designed a chandelier to decorate their showroom and literally overnight a new lighting and home accessory company M2C Studio was born.

Leyla and her husband live in a coastal town in North Carolina raising their 3 adventure seeking boys.




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